Rebus Open Webbooks

Building knowledge to build on

What are we doing?

Rebus simplifies the creation, distribution, collection and deep reading of web-based Open Textbooks.

How are we doing that?

Rebus works with a global network of universities, professors and students to publish textbooks in an open and collaborative publishing model.

Rebus textbooks are Open Webbooks which embrace the structures and expectations we have of books, and add the power of the Open Web.

Why are we doing it?

Books and textbooks are central tools in our intellectual lives. They are, literally, the documentation of human knowledge and experience. Rebus is building an open, web-based platform to encourage deeper engagement, and to enable people (and machines), to use and build on books and reading in new and meaningful ways.

Where are we at?

We're at the very start of this. Over the last year, we've figured out a whole bunch of solid hunches, gotten great feedback and we've even built some parts of what we think we'll need.

We'll shortly need help with engineering, development, community, and advice of all kinds.

If you're interested or curious, please don't hesitate to get in touch below!

Who are we?

Hugh McGuire

Hugh McGuire

Hugh has been building web tools and communities that bring books onto the web for a decade. He is the founder of LibriVox, Pressbooks, iambik and the co-editor of “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto.”
You can find him @hughmcguire.

Boris Anthony

Boris Anthony

Boris has been designing, architecting, building on the Web since 1995. An Experience Architect & Strategic Design Advisor, in recent years he's worked with Nokia, HERE, Dopplr and GlobalVoices.
You can find him via

Our Advisors

Alistair Croll, Co-chair, O’Reilly Strata & Next:Money conferences
Amy Buckland, Institutional Repository Manager, U Chicago Library
Brewster Kahle, Director, Internet Archive
Liza Daly, (former) CTO, Safari (O'Reilly Media)
Peter Brantley, Director, Online Strategy, UC Davis Library

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